1. Whistler Village

You can rent bikes in several different locations in Whistler Village, including e-bikes, and chariots for young children. Make sure to walk your bike when you're in Whistler Village as it's pedestrians only.

You're going to find the Valley Trail at the entrance to Whistler Golf Club, so from Village Square (where Araxi, Rexall and The Whistler Grocery Store are), you want to head along Golfer's Approach, passing Tapley's Neighbourhood Pub and the Whistler Conference Centre. You cross over the road (Whistler Way) and head under a bridge where Highway 99 is running on top. The Whistler Golf Club clubhouse will be just ahead of you at this point, and we're going to turn left, just before it.

  • TW Spring Bike Tour - Part ONE

  • <p>An aerial view of Whistler Village in the spring. </p>