Weird and Wonderful Trees

5 Stops
Duration: 01:00:00
Distance: 2000

We invite you to meet some of Whistler's oldest locals - the trees! This is a short, flat, walkable tour that takes you to five spots around Whistler Village. If you walked it solidly the two-kilometre route would take you about half an hour, but the idea is to bask in the beauty of the trees and listen, read or watch the content about the trees you find.

Your tour guide today is local nature lover, Ross Reid of Nerdy About Nature. For each of the five stops, there is a video you can watch, audio you can listen to, and text you can read.

The tour starts on Northlands Boulevard, just over the road from Pizza Antico and Hunter Gather. Coming from Whistler Village, you head to the end of Main Street. Across the road, you will see a manmade, waterfall feature. Use the crosswalk and explore just behind it to find the first tree. A beautiful, towering larch.

Know Before You Go

  • To find the starting point of the tour, click the Start Tour button below. At the bottom of each screen is a map icon, click on this to help you navigate.
  • Make sure you activate the notification setting as this will help guide you as you head around the route.
  • The starting point of this tour is Whistler Village.
  • If you're stopping to admire the trees, step to the side of the sidewalk or trail so that others can get past you.
  • Don’t forget to bring your camera, a water bottle, and wet weather gear; remember to pack out what you pack in.
  • Washrooms can be found at Whistler Olympic Plaza and PassivHaus at Lost Lake Park
  • Downloading this tour will take a small amount of data – consider downloading while connected to a wifi network to avoid data charges
  • Bears are a beloved part of Whistler's environment and culture, and we want to keep them safe. Before your tour, please ensure you are familiar with Bear Smart tips (such as keeping a safe distance and not crowding) in case of an encounter along your route.
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