Welcome to Natural Wonders

Welcome to Natural Wonders

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Your tour begins at the Lost Lake PassivHaus, where you can access public washrooms and a water refill station before you begin your journey. These are located just to the left of the PassivHaus.

  • The first 10 stops are optional and follow the 'Whistler Museum Nature Walk' just up the trail to your right. Please note that this trail is walking only, and may be difficult with a stroller. Biking is not allowed on this section of the trail.
  • Should you prefer to skip the Nature Walking portion of this tour, please follow the main Lost Lake Trail to the interpretive panel: Bears Live Here: Meat or Plant Eater?

Directions for both options are below. Enjoy!

Take me to the Nature Walk (no bikes)
Skip ahead to Bears: Meat or Plant Eater? (biking encouraged)